Hurt, transport, costumes

This happened last night apparently. While baking cookies for CU apologetics cookie for a question event, I slept on a chair in the kitchen… or almost sorta did.

Miru was working beside me while waiting for the cookies to be done. Then I suddenly got up and said in a serious tone: oh my gosh it hurts!!

Miru looked at me with concern and asked what happened.

I said ‘the transport!!’

Miru knew I was sleep talking immediately.

She asked ‘what transport? ‘

I replied ‘its the costumes!’ With slight irritation.

Miru asked ‘what costumes?’

I replied with increasing frustration ‘what other costumes would I be talking about than the costumes!!!’

Apparently there was a mini heated argument – more really on my side and on Miru’s side amusement.

Then I just walked out of the kitchen and as I was going back I said sadly ‘Miru you don’t believe me!!’

And Miru was thinking haha I believe you I believe you.

I walked back to our room and apparently slept.

But I actually remember talking about costumes and saying ‘Miru you don’t believe me!’ Other than that I really couldn’t recall. Its really strange how it always feels so real and it makes so much sense during that time…..!


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