Few updates

Firstly… I’m lying on my bedroom floor and it feels sooooooo goooooood. Yes here I am amongst all my junk. Clothes to my left, a bin to my right. My portfolio beside me, Miru’s desk and loads of books under it, a cable is under my legs and behind me all my papers piled up in a mess.

It feels sooo good to be home. Yesterday was crazy. I went to a talk titled ‘Is God Dead?’ run by Muslims. It was quite interesting because they weren’t mainstream Muslims. They are called Ahmadiyya Muslims. The mainstream Muslims believe that Jesus was replaced on the cross and was sent to heaven without dying a natural death. The Ahmadiyya Muslims actually believe that Jesus was crucified but he survived on the cross!! And he escaped to India to continue preaching the gospel. It was Paul who corrupted God’s word.

Here’s the talk:

The speaker was … very impressive. He was a 6th year medic student (Tahir Nesser) and although some of his answers could have been taken further into questioning, he answered in a very logical, confident and a convincing tone! Despite this, I still believe Christianity to be true and Jesus is my God. But it was a good talk nonetheless!

The Muslims there were soooo nice! They approached me when I was examining their books at the end of the talk. I ended up exchanging contacts with one of them 🙂 They seemed very keen in faith. The one I exchanged contacts with told me she had done a lot of interfaith stuff and also went to some church services before. I really pray that I can see her more and be able to increase her understanding of Christianity!

After the talk I went back home at like 9pm and tried to work but failed. So I ended up sleeping for 3.5 hours and didn’t sleep since. That’s why I’m sooo in love with my bedroom floor. I’m supposed to meet my Soranbushi dance group (old Japanese traditional fishermen dance) to practice for tomorrow’s Japanese Revive event! So excited! I’m also singing ‘When You Believe’ with 2 other friends from CU.

Today…. my tutorial was good. *What a RELIEF!!* Seriously… every time I feel like I never do enough work. But thank goodness we at least made progress. I love my tutor! He’s really nice. And I can tell he’s really passionate about architecture, which makes me feel like I need to work harder! It really does encourage my passion. Very motivating indeed.

Gosh….. thank goodness I’ve only ever had one bad tutorial. It’s a MIRACLE!! Thank and praise God ❤


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