I’m always so sleepy. But here’s what happened recently… and when I mean recently I mean within the past 2 months!:


When Miru’s Mum was over 😀


Open Mic night during CU events week. 


Spending lovely time with Van ❤


KFC after SIS reunion 🙂


Hot pot… so asian


Dinner followed by bubble tea, the epitome of asian. Image

Japanese food after church 🙂 


Poster for Revive a charity concert Miru’s Japanese Society is organising. 

I sort of just put this up not really considering if people would mind but I’m sure it’s nothing embarrassing. Maybe the last one yes XD 

But yes I’m bored and really need a break from my work and so I’m just posting pictures. I feel like I am slowly losing my capacity to think. Great.

I thank God for everything he’s given me. Everything that I’ve gone through, if God wasn’t there I really… there just aren’t words. God is just amazing. 


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