I HAVE TIME FINALLY! – NYR week 4-6 (Feb)

Wow… so it’s a Monday afternoon and it’s quiet here at the Mooboo store. Guess people are working, at school… not exactly the best time for bubble tea! 

So luckily… I do have time to finally write my blog! Of course this is after having done my job alright… set up… clean up… and make sure everything’s in order!

I’m so tired. I slept for like maybe 5 hours? Less than that. Gosh… I’m so sad my New Year’s Resolution’s already like messed up. But still if I have the chance to get it back on track I will! 

I guess I want to go over briefly what’s happened in my life. I’ll include the New Year’s as well. 

1. Emphasize and demonstrate a fruit of the Spirit more for each month of the year.

January: LOVE & JOY

So the end of love was good, and now it’s joy! To be joyful in whatever situation God places me in. That’s challenging. But I’ve been doing great 🙂 I feel more at ease I suppose because of how stressful and hectic my work can be… but God heard my prayers and gave a gift! The gift of passion for my work. I love it! Even though there’s soooo much to do and I end up sleeping like 5 hours every day… (okay exaggeration… it’s more like the average since my sleeping time varies from 2.5 hours to 8 hours). Anyway, it’s been so amazing how a non-believer friend of Miru and mine is coming to church with us every Sunday!! Woohoo! Although he says he won’t believe (and obviously I can understand I’d be more shocked if he suddenly did), he hopes we understand that he enjoys our company. But its ok! Because at least he’ll be listening in on the service. Just hope that God will work wonders to reach his love to him 🙂 

There’s so much more I want to talk about but… sadly time is limited. 

2. Attempt to get rid of all your idols (image and food)

Not going great. I can’t help thinking… well not actually thinking but more like perhaps… looking? Ugh. Ew. I really don’t like the sound of that. Anyway, but I did manage to not eat ANYTHING SWEET for like a week. Which is amazing. Haha! Ahh I love sweet things. But for God I’ll do the best to let it go. I need to set targets. But I guess I’ll see how it goes. 

3. Read the bible every day

I’m so glad this is the one thing that I have not stopped doing! 

4. Dedicate one hour a week specifically for God

Oh dear it seems that nowadays, the mornings that I do read the bible are becoming my ‘dedications’ for God only 😦 It’s so difficult for me to find a time to spend with God. My work literally swamps everything. And the fact that I have been going out for 2 dinners and a lunch in a row is NOT helping. As well as my part time work… which I had to work an extra shift last week. Sigh. But I’m glad that I’ve been thinking about God and his will and the people I love more and more, praying for them. I hope somehow I can find the time or rather make the time.

6. Read a book every 2 months

I actually have finished reading Tevye the Dairyman. It was really good. I should write a review on it some day.. *sniff* some day!! But the book Miru gave me for Christmas had 2 books in it. At least I sort of finished one. The second is called Molt the Cantor’s Son

7. Go dance in UK, HK and (if possible) Shanghai

I started 2 weeks ago!! I’m doing street dance every Monday night… but unfortunately I cannot go tonight. Tomorrow I’ve got loads and LOADS of work to do. So … hopefully next week or some other time during this week I’ll join another class. Perhaps contemporary because the time I tried it in Hong Kong it was really good!

8. Run at least once a week

I just want to bury my head in shame. I have no time and … just… it really feels impossible. Hopefully sometime like on Wednesday or Thursday I’ll go. I should make it every Thursday morning since I really don’t have anything that day.


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