NYR Week 3 (Jan)

It’s almost a month *exclaims!*

Smile and Cry. Some things I’m happy about others not so.

1. Emphasize and demonstrate a fruit of the Spirit more for each month of the year.

January: LOVE

Visiting Tiff

It was really strange how I decided to visit my childhood friend Tiff, who is also one of my best friends. One day, I decided to wear a jacket that I haven’t worn in ages. While walking, I put my hand into my pocket and felt a card. I took it out and saw a train ticket to Guildford. There and then I knew my Friday was free so why not go see Tiff? We had lunch and watched an episode of ‘Sleepy Hollow’. It was a pretty interesting lunch because we ended up talking about the concept of love and also ended on the subject of faith! I was really glad though that we could approach the idea of God in an open way though. I know it feels like a strange subject but I was relieved. I’m just glad the Spirit helped me with my words a bit and to understand more of what Tiff thought.


There was this really cute kid at the pastorate. He really wanted to be recognised as an adult, since he didn’t want his Mother to join our table. Somehow everyone else did not pay too much attention to this kid so I had a little chat with him. He seemed to take a liking to me since he tried to demonstrate his ‘skills’ by rolling on this cart. (haha he was really cute!) Though I can see how mischievous he was.

Anyway, things are going alright in my pastorate. I’ve at least come to know this girl who’s also studying well, though I’m still really shy towards others. The talks and discussions were good but it is true that it is difficult to go in depth. I still want to stick to this pastorate though with the hope that we will help each other grow in the faith. 

Bringing a nonbeliever to church

Miru brought her friend to church with us last Sunday. Actually, I’m not really sure what he believes… if there is a God or not. But I was really glad that he enjoyed the sermon. It was Charlie Mackesy who spoke. During dinner it was absolutely amazing. Whilst discussing a bit about God, Dan also joined in! And tried to defend the faith w00t!!! (haha) But anyway, it was clear that our friend here felt that God can’t love everyone because some people it seems just clear that the wrong they have done is unacceptable. And it’s true, there are things God hates and loves. He hates the sin but loves the person – his creation. I pray that he’ll be able to join us this coming Sunday. I also really hope I’m not imagining anything but at the end of the service, we sang a few last songs and I think I heard his voice – since he was right behind me. It does fill me with such hope though. 


Oh such embarrassment, but it demands much courage. To engage with people to invite them for the up and coming Christian Union events. To not look down on those who don’t take it – or more accurately feel hate or annoyance at those who reject you. Really had to rely on the Spirit that day. I’m glad people did take some of the bibles, materials and enquired about our beliefs! I’m so glad CU has decided to make a fair, which hasn’t happened before!

Mooboo guy (lol)

I really praise God for helping me out there, to make His word known. Wow, just last year and before that I would have thought the concept of reaching out to people complete whack and why should we kind of thing. 


CU had a social at Nandos. I was so happy to have went! To get to know some of the CU members better. Not only that but I decided to stay till the very end. To be honest I was feeling reluctant to go, but I was so happy that I did! I wanted to stay behind because the last few people were discussing about faith to a non-Christian. He called himself an agnositic-atheist. Very interesting. Apparently the definition is someone who believes that one or more deities exist but claims the existence or nonexistence of such is unknown or cannot be known (from wikipedia). I was so glad and thankful that when I spoke about religion and who God is and who I believe He is, he (non-believer, invited by one of the CU members). I was just glad that he did get the message – God is love. I pray he’ll find his way though and won’t stop seeking. 

2. Attempt to get rid of all your idols (image and food)

Currently, I’m reading this book:



It’s actually my roommates. I haven’t finished reading it but so far, I think it’s very informative about the concept of ‘idols’. Honestly, I think this is going to be the toughest New Years Resolution to keep up. Because I’ve already just plain broken it! I find it really difficult to talk about this. Even as I’m typing now… I’m hoping no one reads. Why I decided to post this online… my feelings and progress is that it keeps me accountable. It’s something I can’t escape. Though it is a place where I can be honest, I am sensitive about those who read it and am embarrassed. Yet this is a motivator to keep me going. I find it awkward talking to my parents and my roommate how I feel… perhaps by typing it would make it easier. 

I need to lay it out. I need to write things that I can actually accomplish and is achievable. I have a sweet tooth, so instead of milk chocolate or really sweet ones, I’ll go for the dark chocolate. I’ll slowly adjust my ‘quota’ every week. This week I can only eat 2 blocks every day. Hopefully next week it’ll be like 2 blocks every other day but I’ll see how this week goes. Because honestly at the rate that I’m going, it really seems that I can’t ‘live’ without chocolate or something really sweet. In the book above, it describes the idol as something that you can’t seem to live without than something that is optional or a ‘it would be nice if but it’s okay’. I’m going to have to be praying at least before meals. And if I forgot to pray before, then after. I haven’t been too consistent on it as well. Hmm. 

I have to say resisting the mirror is hard. Maybe it’s because I’ve grown so used to it it’s become a habit. But I know that I can change that. Just takes a lot of praying… which I don’t quite do >  <

3. Read the bible every day

BIOY! W00T! It’s something that I really need every morning to begin the day. Sometimes I read throughout the day some passages. 

4. Dedicate one hour a week specifically for God

Ah… this week I failed 😦 No excuse! I didn’t make a date. I have to make two dates to compensate!

8. Run at least once a week

Jogged: 16/01 (2.5KM)

Been pretty busy! Or rather tired :/


One thought on “NYR Week 3 (Jan)

  1. Keep it up Hilda Dearest.
    You are an inspiration to many, especially your dad. We love you. May God bless you in abundance as you strive to live in Him and for Him.

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