UCL Christian Union Events Week Fair!

I should have taken photos! Ah why…!

Yesterday was such a tiring day. Stood out in the cold for like 6 hours!! Luckily I at least had lunch for a bit so I regained my strength to last me the rest of the hours.

We had set up several stalls. Stalls for food, drinks, books and games. The aim of this fair was to promote UCLCU Events Week, which includes socials and talks. One jazz night, open mic night, 3 talks and the apologetic’s ‘Cookie for a Question’ session. 

In all honesty, it’s tough. Tough work to get people engaged if you are terrified of embarrassment and have a lot of pride. Can you imagine getting ignored, rejected and at times disappointed? I think after all that ‘would you like to take a look at the events we’ll have?’, ‘would you be interested?’, ‘free books/drinks/cookies?’ being repeated over and over, you get used to all sorts of rejections! Still the embarrassment lingers, but slowly fades. It definitely helps when one or two friends help out. 

Since coming to uni, I have had a lot of experience of trying to reach out to people to take a look at, get interested or support a cause. This includes charity events. 

It’s actually quite funny though, you’d stand there with a positive outlook trying to hand flyers out or trying to suggest people to take a look at this… and there will be 4 types of people. The Please-Don’t-Stare-At-Me, the Polite-Excusers, the Oh-Shoot-They-Caught-Me-Looking and the Actual Genuine Approachers.

The Please-Don’t-Stare-At-Me would either be listening to music, walking in a fast pace, looking another direction or just ‘happen’ to receive some notification on their phones. Those are pretty hard to talk to so since it’s hard to get through to them, I let them pass… unless I feel like being the annoying person xD But seriously, some people don’t respond. Ek. Oh well!

The Polite Excusers at least say ‘Sorry, no thank you’ and have the courtesy to look at you! 

The Oh-Shoot-They-Caught-Me-Looking some how feel the need to come over since we have engaged in eye contact and conversation. But hopefully, they’d pick up the interest in what’s going on 🙂

The Actual Genuine Approachers – oh wow I thought they were extinct! I’m so glad though that there were people interested to find out more. Seeking and trying to learn more. It’s great and very, very encouraging. Praise God for that!

I really thank God for yesterday, it was an incredible experience. UCL’s first big fair apparently in the main quad!



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