Today at work :)

So today I was working at my part time job… and the most embarrassing thing happened! Oh gosh oh gosh soooo embarrassing.

Basically I went in at 9:30a.m., started cooking the tapioca, teas, cleaned the floors, set up the powders etc. And everything was going good. The teas were cooked right, the tapioca just finished cooking and set out right on time when the store opened and I placed the A-board outside the store. Store officially opens at 11a.m.

Phew! Everything was fine this time. Boss called to check in and said she wouldn’t be visiting today and reminded me to turn on the lights for the cupcakes… Yup, checked that off the list ages ago!

So happy that everything went… ‘well’. I waited. And waited… for ages! And not a single customer. I might have seen a few look at the menu outside but walk off. I guess not to their liking?

I sang, read, cleaned, sang, read, cleaned. (yes I sang in the store)

And finally customers came. They asked me:

“Um, hello is the store opened today?”

And I spoke with a slight confusion

“Yes it is!”

They said

“The sign at the front of the door says closed!”

And here comes the massive downpour of utter humiliation, shame and embarrassment! Oh gosh and there I was thinking hmm there are like no customers today. Did God not want anyone to come in today nor for me to practice my drink making skills? (jokes)

But gosh it was the stupid sign. *Facepalm*!!!!

Anyway… another thing was when I was cooking the tea, I thought to myself… okay after everything I’m going to check the temperature for the fridge and freezer… and guess what I didn’t! Sigh.

Well next time I’m definitely going to remember to do these things.

Besides that, when it was around about 2:48pm my colleague arrived to take the next shift. He was the colleague who got me recommended to this part time job! Hmm… I don’t know about revealing his name here so I’ll just call him MBG (short for Mooboo guy haha oh dear).

Anyway, before he arrived, I made a short prayer to God asking for His Holy Spirit to help me, guide me with what to say and that if the opportunity arises, to be able to talk to MBG about faith and that whatever happens that I’ll lean on Him and trust in His Word.

When he came, we had a little chit chat. Then when it seemed like you know… I was meant to leave and everything…. I just took up the courage to just pull out the book ‘Uncovered’ I had and asked if he would like to have it and take a look. It was so convenient that we are having the CU Events Week. Although MBG couldn’t come to one of the events I invited him… at least I could link it in a way to just ‘casually’ hand it over to him. I just really hoped that he would receive it as something that he himself could explore and that I wasn’t trying to enforce him… but yeah… I actually felt my face heat up.

I was so relieved when he was talking about one of his friends and was saying how his friend didn’t believe in God and therefore in order to have some meaning in his life, he wanted to achieve something ‘epic’ from it. MBG told me he just didn’t know what to say because he realised that we do need God. That we find peace through Him and that people in this world who say that don’t need don’t realise that they’ll always be looking for something, searching and just… in a way craving for more. Never fully satisfied.

And then I told him about one of my dearest friends who is very similar. That what we actually perceive in the world is like only 5 cm away from our eyes, whereas for God, in his creation, what we are, who we are and where we are going is so much greater than the span of the 5cm that we see.

I was so happy that he said he would read it! He’s actually muslim but perhaps not a really serious one. But I was just praising God in my heart and when I left work I was just smiling so hard. So grateful towards God.

Then I prayed another prayer to God along the lines of: Thank you that MBG is seeking you, that he knows in his heart that he wants to know you and I thank you today so much for this opportunity. I pray that he would be able to experience Your love and that Your name will be glorified because of this experience. That after he knows and understands the love you present to us through Jesus, he would see the truth.

Ahhh my, I am so happy. So thankful to God our Father. I feel so childish but oh well!


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