Praise the Lord!

Just a short post praising the Lord! 

From all the times I’ve worked with Nat, I guess I was unsure about her faith in God. At least now I’m glad that she’s living under a Christian household and I really pray for her protection and faith in God. I’m so glad that when I prayed for the Holy Spirit to help out and if possible provide me an opportunity to talk about faith, it was answered and came true! 

I decided to bring up about our other colleague to Nat that because he was saying that we’re at the age where we question why did God make the heavens and the earth? Why are we here? etc. I wanted to give him this book:


Which is Luke’s Gospel. To my happy surprise, Nat said she wanted it and that it was super cute! So I gave it to her saying that I have another one and it’s for free. Wow I sure am glad that I brought that book even though I knew I wouldn’t have given it to my other colleague. Amazing how God works 😀 



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