These passing days


Walking back home I saw a bench in Regents Park that was located perfectly in view of the sun. I sat and prayed. I gave praise and thanks to the Lord. Then I laid down on the bench and looked up towards the sky. The picture captures the moment, but it’s nothing compared to actually being there.

I felt the cool breeze slowly taking my sweat away. I focused my vision on the branch nearest to me, slowly gazing upward and further, they thin out and sway in opposite rhythms. The clouds move swiftly with its many forms. I saw the sunlight slowly warming the clouds and suddenly I lose the coldness of the breeze. Footsteps approach then crunch further away. A scamper of a dog followed by another gust of wind that makes the branches dance wildy.

No, a picture can never suffice… its nothing compared to actually experiencing it. Even these words are meaningless. It may provide some hint of what happened but you can’t even begin to imagine or empathize if you’ve never experienced it before.

A friend told me its not much point in travelling and experiencing if you have images and can read about it. No way.


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