I’m working at MooBoo?!


Wow I can’t believe this! Today was the first day I started my training at MooBoo making bubble tea!

I’m really happy. Sounds silly to be all excited about having a part-time job making bubble tea. I had the interview yesterday. Got 2 math questions wrong sigh! But so lucky to have the boss accept me anyways. Too kind, too kind.

I know I’ll be doing quite a lot of hours training (and so not getting paid fully), but still I guess this whole system of how one tends to a store interests me. My goal isn’t the money, but mainly for the experience.

I made bubble tea today! Wah-hey! But I also have to memorize a whole load of portions in order to make a specific drink.

Also another amazing thing was, the girl who helped with my training today is Christian! She’s from Taiwan and she’s really sweet. Super cool, well hope to make the best of this job.

Name of store: Mooboo

Location: 84 Parkway, Camden

Website:Ā http://www.moo-boo.com/


7 thoughts on “I’m working at MooBoo?!

    • Hi. Just really simple ones like for example if you need 20g of sugar for one drink, how many do you need for 4 drinks? And maybe some trickier ones. But it’s to do with measurements and proportions. You have an interview for a drink store?

  1. Yes! and i’m real bad at maths šŸ˜¦ i was told the questions would be really simple, but i’m terrified! haha

      • Yeah! There’s one opening in Liverpool šŸ™‚ were the questions easy to answer or were they tricky?

      • haha oh my gosh that’s so cool!!! I’ve heard from my boss (the owner of Mooboo) that they would open one there XD Well it should be okay depending on your boss. I think what’s also important is that you need to know how to handle customers. My boss asked me math questions and how-to-handle-situation questions. But over all its not too tricky.

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