Yes it matters!


I remember a while back, my roommate and I got into the discussion of being vegetarian. She told me that in her philosophy seminars, they discussed the ethics of eating meat. They had a debate on being a vegetarian and some philosophical stuff about feelings of animals (which I won’t go into detail since I’m not a philosopher!). 

Then recently, I came across this blog: whilst looking for writing jobs. It was about linking and discussing the environmental implications and spirituality. It was much based on the bible and how humans were given from God the responsibility to take care and look after the Earth. 

I did some more research and felt the urge of needing to care more and more about our environment, about the animals and so on. 

I googled how to live more environmentally friendly, came across the hidden costs of hamburgers, then on to this website that is a non-profit website posting articles on the truth about the world. The harsh reality of it all. 

Also this link about the ozone layer provides compelling information about how the stopping of CFC production has halted the depletion of the ozone layer and scientists are waiting to see it return to normal. It also mentions the effects of the hole in our ozone layer, which leads to some climate change. 

I hope to investigate more and whilst expanding my knowledge be able to write more on what we should do and what is best through God’s standpoint. To care about the world He has given to us. Honestly, it is quite a struggle.


3 thoughts on “Yes it matters!

    • Hi! Thank you for your comment. I actually already know your blog. I stumbled upon it because of one of your ads saying you would pay for writers. I was planning to write something on eating meat from a Christian perspective. I could write a short article and email it to you if you are interested.

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