Casually walking and…. BOOM!


I’ve been writing quite a bit today! It’s like an explosion of stuff I just want to voice out. 

Today was pretty amazing for an average day. I’ve been writing, reading and doing mini exercises at home… until I thought hmm I just want to go take a walk since I’ve been sitting for the whole day!

So I pulled on my track pants, zipped up my hooded jacket — almost forgot to grab my keys but luckily I didn’t — and headed out. It was drizzling and I thought aw man… maybe I should head back. But I jogged to a nearby shelter. I looked around and still saw people just walking even without a hood. That encouraged me to keep walking.

In my head I was thinking the usual random thoughts that pop into my mind huh I wonder how people explored back in the days without google maps. With a map? Without one as well? I guess I’m doing it the old fashioned way, without one. I’ll just walk around and see where it takes me. 

I was heading towards Camden and then suddenly I saw a really cute store just across the road. As I approached it revealed itself to be a bubble tea store! I saw the price from 2.99 pounds… 2.99 for bubble tea? I’ll check it out!

Mistake. Apparently that 2.99 was for fruit teas and not bubble tea. I ended up paying 3.49 :/ 

Oh well but then the guy behind the counter started talking to me. There wasn’t really anyone else in the store since it was already pretty late (for London standards) and so we just chatted casually. He happened to be from Malaysia (quite obvious from his accent) and also a student studying in LSE! Even after he made my drink, we just stood there talking for ages. Until the store was going to close! 

Three amazing things happened. I was introduced to this possible job at the bubble tea store ‘Mooboo’, we talked about marathon running (which definitely encouraged me to continue running) and also I might be able to sell my old Samsung phone! Actually I don’t mind giving it to him for free since my screen sort of cracked but if I can get a little bit back, that would actually be pretty nice >< 

He was such a friendly guy. He’s half Indian half Chinese. We even had a mutual friend! I was thinking throughout the talk when I found out he was Muslim oh gosh hmm I wonder if I can have a chance to introduce him to Christ! hehe.. *sheepish smile*

But he didn’t seem serious though about his faith. He seems like the typical easily influenced kind of guy, the why not try out anything kind of guy, though he does want to do the right thing. He’s trying to quit smoking and stay healthy.

When I was walking home I was thanking God so much for that interesting experience. Just from casually taking a walk and gosh I did not think I would have wanted to get bubble tea so expensive but I was glad I got it in the end anyway. 

That was my bubble tea experience 😀


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