Thank You

Thank you God for everything that you’ve done for me. I thank you for my roommate, that if one thing was different like I chose single room or we weren’t going to the same uni that I would have no idea how I would have come back to you Lord. I can’t imagine another way because I had to be stuck with a Christian every day (stuck as in a good way :D) and of course that led me to you Lord much quicker than I could ever expect.

Thank you God for this week. It’s been one crazy week doing all sorts of things like meeting up with people and being active in some volunteering events. Thank you for being there for me during those times of socializing because as you know me, I’m not the type to keep all this up. Thank you for helping me through this week. Without you I’d be much more lost. 

Lord, thank you for R.B. and M.H. and also amazing people like L. 

I’ve recently went to a clubbing event and realised I need to throw out my dress (or rather donate) haha! It’s quite tight … and short. I really question the intention of guys… I guess ultimately well I dressed in a slightly .. not so good manner that’s probably why… but … hmm… 

I went to karaoke yesterday, and it was awesome. I thank C.T. so much for organizing everything. And what’s really weird was I met my primary school classmate! And I did not remember who he was neither did he remember me. The weirdest thing was we remembered everyone else except each other. How bizzare! 

Thank you Lord for the DMC with Mirk and M.H. I hope that he’d be able to seek you and make that decision to follow you. To return to you. Then I’d rejoice so much for he was once lost and now he’s back in our family! Lord I pray for his return as of others. 

This reminds me of T.C. and how God seemed to be pulling my leg!

I remember a few weeks ago I had a dream that we were sitting with the Christian Union and suddenly T.C. started crying! People laid their hands on him and what was shocking was that he was crying… because well he’s sort of the person you can’t even begin to imagine crying. I had another dream about him relating to Christ… and faith.

Then about a week later, I was walking on my way to have lunch and I was thinking about him. I thought about how I was losing faith but remembered that I had conviction T.C. would become Christian and dedicate his life to the Lord. It’s because he was my main turning point to me turning back to God and if I was able to, I’m sure he will be able to receive God’s love and grace too. Then I bumped into him as I was thinking about it! It was so strange… of all the times that we could have seen each other. It was all too strange. 

So thank you Lord for reminding me about my faith. For keeping me strong. 


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