*Warning* Spoiler from Season 4 Episode 8.

‘The Walking Dead’ is the only TV series that I actually have been following consistently, and I look forward each time when the next episode is released. I watch it for the entertainment value, but also the themes of morality that seems to be the crux of the entire series.

What really draws me in oddly enough is the moral choices each character makes. When the world turns into turmoil and there’s no escaping a zombie apocalypse other than ‘opting out’ (death), why and how does this change the way in which people react and think? It’s quite scary to see how some of the people turn on their own, rob, kill and cheat to have their own way. Some who are initially seemingly ‘good’ turn ‘bad’ and resort to immoral acts. Such an example was Shane who was a police officer before the apocalypse who starred in the first two seasons, was then killed off because he had gone too far.

Daryl on the other hand was seemingly the ‘bad’ kind of guy who wanted his own way. Tough to approach but his loyalty to his brother when we first meet him demonstrates that he isn’t all too bad. Later on, he becomes the ultimate bad-good-boy. A badass looking fella who strives to do what is right. I suppose that’s why a lot of people like him (other than his looks) because he gives the impression that he’s going to save the day. In fact, he doesn’t make the big decisions and it is all forced on to Rick.

Rick is one of the characters that is not really liked. I’ve read from some reviews that he’s disappointed viewers because of his faulty decision-making skills. But really, if anyone was in his position, it wouldn’t have turned out much differently. Sure, in hindsight perhaps we can all make the choices but knowing what the right thing to do is difficult without any guidelines. After all, the situation that they are in forces them to think of what is best for the group or individuals. Sacrifice one or all?

I think Rick’s had it hard on him, because from the start we see that he stands for justice. He was and tries to do good but knowing that comes with high expectations. When he fails, people can’t help but be disappointed. I would say it isn’t Rick’s fault.

The one character that I admire the most in this film is Hershel. He’s the oldest character or was… until he died! Nooooo!!

I was so sad that I actually cried!!! After his amazing heart warming kindness demonstrated in the 5th episode of the 4th season titled ‘Internment’. He was filled with faith and seemingly guided by the bible. It is not unknown that Hershel is a religious man, after all he is seen a few times reading the bible and the way he speaks and acts shows his hope and faith in God. Of course this does not mean that he has faith as strong as steel or whatever that seems to be equivalent to invincible, since his break down at the end of episode 5, doubt must have creeped into his mind! After the world’s gone mad it’s so hard to continue being a Christian. Where is God in all of this?

But anyway, this is just fiction after all. I feel like Hershel was one of the most stable characters and tried his best to be righteous. The way he walked into the cells of the sick, caring and tending each of them with love shows us a glimpse of Christ. Haha gosh, I can’t believe I’m just so into Christ and everything… well I am! Anyway, they killed Hershel off!!! Whyyyyyyy!!!!!

Yeah, this post, is really a rant. Somehow I guess I’m hoping the producers of this series would emphasize how the Word of God is just so crucial. Of course this applies now and even in that world of turmoil.

Gosh well I think I have to write some day about why I love this series so much and maybe some analysis. Though — the analysis would definitely come through a Christian’s perspective! :3

Also it’s quite interesting to see how it has been questioned should Christians watch ‘The Walking Dead’? Hmm, I find this very intriguing and would like to comment on that further.

For now… I’m just still not over how Hershel died!!!! And why am I was sort of emotional since it’s just a fictional plot! Please do note that I am not distressed or mentally depressed about anything, I’m just a girl who wants to rant haha 😀

Anyway, I’m excited about the next half of the season. February come soon!


2 thoughts on “The Walking Dead — MY FAVOURITE CHARACTER DIES

  1. I am sorry that Hershel died. Although, I think we all knew that this was coming. This whole season all Hershel has been doing is teaching Rick how to think and be a leader. Once Rick was giving his speech to the Governor I knew Hershel’s time has come.

    • Wow… yeah I guess I didn’t see that one coming! Or maybe just in denial till the last moment, though it will be exciting to see how the group moves forward without Hershel. I like how a good image of Hershel is left so that when we remember his kind acts towards the group.

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