First Apologetics Speech.

God worked through me and inspired me to give a speech in the Christian Apologetics session that runs every Tuesday afternoon. Christian Apologetics is a part of UCL’s Christian Union and every week there will be a 10-15 minute long speech on a topic like for example: Science vs. Religion or Do All Paths Lead to God etc. My topic was on Faith and Miracles. Quite a tricky topic really… also quite hard to tackle since it could result in an endless debate, which sort of happened but it was interesting to listen to counter-claims. 

The whole idea of giving a speech terrifies me! I have never had good experiences with giving speeches because I’ve always been so nervous and am likely to screw up. 

I prayed to God before I gave my speech that I would look to everyone with love and compassion. That God’s Holy Spirit is here to help speak through me. 

It was definitely a challenge that I feel I have given a pretty okay attempt at tackling… because there are some things that I haven’t considered which some of the people in apologetics did reveal. I’m so glad to have this experience though, because never in my life have I thought I would want to evangelize and what more speak as some Christian Apologist or at least even attempt to do so. 

I’m so glad that God has led me this far. It’s difficult to keep the faith strong but as it is said in 1 John 4:1:

… do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God, because many false prophets have gone out into the world.


This means that it is important that we seek and investigate these cases and not to give up on God’s existence on the assumption that all miracles are ridiculous.

I will soon post my speech and then further add the counter arguments added. 


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