Back from Germany!


These past few weeks have been absolutely hectic. No time at all … well no time to waste rather! Gosh I don’t know, I just think I’m not used to juggling so many things at once.

But well updates are really: I’ve sorted out most of my junk… well important junk in my room. Sorted out emails and blah… and I’ve accepted the roommate challenge. While my roommate is trying to do something awesome, like being kind and caring to a certain someone … for a month (it’s actually going to be an incredible feat!); I’m supposed to be studying up for my speech in apologetics!

Ahhhh there’s so many things I want to do! I want to cook, I want to learn Chinese, I want to learn German, I want to write proper blogs, I want to do art, I want to see friends, I want to get more involved in church, I want to join the volunteering committee….

God has revealed to me a many great things. The reason as to why I am repeating a year is becoming more clear. Right now I have a prayer triplet in my course! I actually have Christian friends who (hopefully) know and love God! Though I am uncertain as to how far they are in their walk with God, no matter I really pray hard to connect with them.

As usual I’m terrified with anything. There, I said it. The plain, raw, crude, unedited truth.

I suppose I should cut this bad habit of mine of blabbering on and on after I haven’t written in a while.

Oh well!


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