The First Time I Witnessed My Friend Having A Seizure

We were going down the stairs to the underground train. My friend asked to walk down quick and I stared at her giving her the ‘what’s the rush?’ face.

She told me she thinks she might get a seizure.

We rushed down midway of the fairly large staircase that led down to the train and stood waiting at the platform. She breathed in deeply and out. I looked at her. She grabbed her bottle of water and pills. I tried my best to keep her talking, but it wasn’t long before my mind went blank and I just knew I had to prepare for the worst. I asked her what I should do if she gets her seizure. She mumbled something unrelated then asked me if her face was changing. I was bewildered and said I don’t know … I don’t know what to look for … I don’t know the signs!

Slowly the pills from her hand rolled down to the ground. I bent down to pick them up. As I stood up, I looked at her face. It was completely tensed, so was her body. She had her arms closely pressed to her chest and almost in like a half fetal position standing, she started to fidget. The empty plastic and metal case that once contained the pill she popped out was squashed tight between her fingers. Her eyes were wide open but she wasn’t with me anymore.

I took out the empty plastic from her grip.

I placed my right hand on her arm and my left hand on her forearm. I began to pray in my heart to God to help her. But even in my mind all I could mumble-think was God… please help her.. please let it stop, stop.. please help her please help…

As I prayed in my thoughts she groaned quietly, as if she just woke up, but she still did not speak to me. She sway from side to side and continued to tremble ever so slightly.

Then I spoke: “Holy Spirit please, please help her overcome her seizure” — Or rather to that effect. I closed my eyes.

Then she “gave birth to a river of water” and I opened my eyes but I never stopped praying. It was all I could do really.

Suddenly, she stopped fidgeting and looked downward away from me. Slowly, she raised her left hand towards her eyes and used her fingers to rub her eyes almost as though she was crying and feeling embarrassed.

She turned and looked at me. I looked back.

“Where are we?” She asked.

Calmly I told her that we were entering the underground train station. She looked at me completely dazed then her eyes slowly shifted to the pills that I picked up.

“I didn’t take my pills yet?”


“Did I have a seizure?”

“Yes, you dropped the pills on the floor before you took them. I don’t think it’s a good idea to take them since they were on the floor.”

“No I need to take them.”

She collected them into her hands and tried hard to pick them up. Each time she seemed to aim for the empty space beside the pills.

“Are you sure?” I asked. “I really don’t think it’s a good idea.”

“Did anyone step on them?”


She finally managed to pick them up, took her water and swallowed the pills.

She looked down.

“Why is the floor wet?”

“You — *gave birth to a river* -”

“Oh.. no…”

“What should we do?”

She started to walk down the stairs asking me other questions related to what we did before, and from time to time where we were.

Slowly as we paid the fee, she started to recall where we were and what we did.

When we got on the train she recovered, she spoke to me with more colour, more clarity. Finally she remembered what we did before she had her seizure, but regarding what happened during her seizure she hadn’t a clue.

After we got home, she contacted me and asked for further details so she could record. Finally she told me I was glad that I didn’t panic.

In all honesty, I wasn’t too surprised. Even though it was my first time, after hearing all the seizures she has had I knew it could happen any time and in a way I was prepared. However, the one thing that struck fear in my heart was the way she looked at me after she regained consciousness in her recovery stage. She looked at me with such confusion, because a part of her life was just blotted out. She stood there not knowing where she was, what she did, what she could have done when she was out, how long she had been out, if she had moved to a completely different place. I was glad she still remembered who I was… but thinking if she didn’t really scares me.

She’s a really close friend and I really treasure her. I realised the importance of memories and how hurtful it would be if she forgot who I was and all the times we’ve shared. I realised the moments I’ve taken her for granted and realised the extent of my foolishness.

But I was so glad that I had God to help me through this time, because it was something that I was completely not in control of. I only trusted, had faith in the power of the Holy Spirit. I was glad the seizure did not last long nor did it feel too long. About a minute. She would normally have it for 2 but if it lasts for over 5, she would need to take the shut-down and reboot pill.

Her seizures have been coming back more frequently, and she suspects it is because of stress.

The best thing I can do for her is to pray.


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