Let’s pick and take!

No, let’s not. This morning, God revealed to me an answer concerning something that one of my non-Christian friends and I were discussing about. He is one of my best friends and I really enjoy discussing about my faith so freely and openly to him. He said that 

‘we could follow some of his (God’s) advice take the ones that suit yourself. Because there is only one bible but there are 6 billion people, people’s lives vary depending on the environment and we could use the bible as a reference but not the model you are supposed to become’. 


Firstly… a model we are supposed to become? Would that be ‘Christ-like’? Well technically speaking yes Christians do aim to be ‘Christ-like’ or rather grow in the ways of God. But the thing is, people have morals, we tend to know generally what is right and what is wrong, we feel guilt. When people donate, or perform an act of kindness, it is what God wants, but Christianity is more than that because its that relationship you have with God through Jesus and only He truly help you show others love and grace received from God. 

I’ve wondered why people like to pick what they like, take it by parts and use it to their benefit, then discarding the rest. It can sound quite selfish. Then I continued to think about how no superstar or person has ever been a perfect role model, I’ve often searched when I was a child a celebrity that did not have gossip. Anyway, people are not perfect, they aren’t completely good and have flaws! But God doesn’t. 

So the thing is, if God is perfect, why pick? Why put your foot across the line and just drift between two spaces? Why not then decide to trust in Him whole heartedly? Why pick what suits you and forget about the rest?

People would only pick out and keep the best for themselves when it is known that whatever they are picking from isn’t perfect in the first place!

So if God is perfect, why pick pieces and forget the rest?

There are two reasons why you should either put all your trust in God to the best of your ability, believe that He’ll be there for you, or not at all. Not get the bible and read a bit and discard the rest for life because it doesn’t suit you.

  1. Christians believe (or they should believe) having a relationship with God is fundamental.  
    It’s pretty much like having a relationship with anyone else except we call him ‘The Father’, who is perfect, who loves us and is God. He is with us in Spirit, in His Word (Gospels) and even through the church (meaning other Christians). 
    If you only choose the good parts of your friends, of your family, and only contact them during a time that suits you or when they are acting in a certain way, that is not a very nice way to maintain a relationship. 
    God loves us (a given fact), and just like if we were to be ignored or when people find it irritating when we reveal a quirky trait of ours (maybe a weird side … I definitely have that!), He, like us would feel hurt. 
  2. Secondly, being picky for our benefit will highlight the selfish nature in our human hearts. Therefore we turn to God to help guide us in our iniquities. 

But … so what if I’m selfish!? If I’m not selfish sometimes, how am I supposed to get anywhere in life?

Okay so the above is a little exaggerated, maybe you can get somewhere in life but not as far as you’d like to think you can. 

One of the things I learned in life before I became a Christian was:

All little things amount to something.

This may be pretty straightforward and if not here’s an analogy:

One toothpick is easy to break, but breaking 1000 toothpicks is harder still!

So it’s like one kid against a bully won’t do, but if the whole class goes against, the bully will shrink!

But yes, anyway, this applies for many other things. 

A little selfishness –leads to–> hurt –leads to–> wars + death (in an extreme case)

A little kindness –leads to–> care –leads to–> love + peace

See where I’m going? If people could open their eyes and see how significant our thoughts, actions and feelings can really affect us and those around us, we would find God’s ways and His Word utterly true!

But how do we know God is perfect? How do we know He cares?

He ‘who forgives all your sins

and heals all your diseases,

who redeems your life from the pit

and crowns you with love and compassion.

who satisfies your desires with good things

so that your youth is renewed like the eagle’s’. 

— Psalm 103

The biggest and hardest part is to take the first step to trust and have faith. Then seek, ask, question and find. What is it that makes God so great? What is it that some people can see in Him? Discover it, maybe even through prayer, just listen. 


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