A story that makes one believe in God?


After watching the movie ‘Life of Pi’, my first thought was wow, very interesting! I like it.

I believed that the first story of the animals was true, just because Pi who was telling the story insisted there was no other version and that if he had to ‘make up’ one, that would be the human version of the story. I thought the reason he cried when he explained how his ‘Mother’ died in the human version  was because he associated the orangutan with her and how hurt he was when it died. Only after Pi finished the story did I realised that the tiger Richard Parker was Pi himself.

After that, I read the online analysis (click here) and it was interesting how they commented how similar to inception it was… that it left the viewer with a choice of what would be the ‘truth’. From that analysis, I felt that the movie makes you really question: do you believe because it is the ‘norm’ and always makes sense or if you can believe in those that are bizarre that seem to need a ‘leap of faith’ in it?

But after discussing the movie with a friend of mine, I realised how scary it was. I guess I finally have to agree with him (haha!). The movie could also be seen as how Pi was rescued after the 200+ days at sea, he needed a story that would diminish his pain and hurtful experiences (which would be the human version of the story). Therefore the animal version was in fact the lie and the human the truth. However, Pi only ends in asking ‘Which story do you prefer?’ and ultimately that proves that this story can really make you believe in God because you would rather believe in something that isn’t filled with pain.

At least I would say ‘I prefer the animal story’ because it was mystical and amazing. On the other hand, looking at the human story it seems so horrifying and is a world full of suffering. Of course anyone would prefer the first story!

Of course this is all just preference. But in all honesty, I want the truth. Therefore even though I prefer the animal story, I want to know the real truth. And if it so happens to be the human story, then yes, I would believe in that. Without much careful thought, I would prefer and in so doing believe the first story. Therefore I would immediately believe rather than think it carefully through. But belief is not tied with preference. You can still believe everyone should not cheat but at the same time you yourself would prefer to. Thus people can act in the opposite of what they believe. No one really meets their own standards.

Really, when you look carefully and try to understand what the movie implicates, you can really appreciate the creativity and craft of the producer of this piece of work.

This really inspired me to go ahead and purchase the book and I have to say… so far it is very well written.


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