Small Hinges Swing Big Doors

I just finished watching ‘The Machine Gun Preacher’ on HBOdemand. That is what I want to do. Well okay maybe not shoot people but actually go out on the field and do something! Instead of just talk. I don’t know when’s the right time and to be honest it’s all excuses. Of course I’m still 19 and I guess its natural to be unsure of God’s calling for me.

But I know that I want to build for people. Maybe as an architect or maybe as a teacher, to build and restore people’s lives. Who knows?

I don’t want to sit around and consume for my own sake and for my own good. I’ve come to find that really pointless. What is the meaning of life? Many people may feel it could be because of the pleasures of the world, or maybe just for the sake of romantic love?

Well heck. I don’t think life has meaning without God.

As my pastor from The Vine church said a few Sundays back: Small Hinges Swing Big Doors.

Every little small thing makes a difference. Every testimony, every word, every action of kindness will influence someone else. The power of words are much taken for granted.

I have decided to share why and how I chose to follow the path of God in the future posts.


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