Ichigo Daifuku (Japanese Dessert!)


I have tried this recipe quite a few times! It is extremely tough… especially when you are trying to get the mochi to the right consistency! In all honesty, I still don’t know how to achieve it 😦 But I won’t give up trying! If you’d like to try out this lovely Japanese dessert, I would certainly encourage you to do so!


  • 100g Shiratamako/mochiko (glutinous rice flour)
  • 2 tbsp sugar
  • 95-100ml water (might need more)
  • Katakuriko (katakuri starch or potato starch)
  • 150g Anko (sweet red bean paste)
  • 6 strawberries (make sure they are quite small!)

Important equipment

  • Baking tray, paper and a duster
  • Non-stick bowl (preferably a glass bowl) that fits  in a metal pot for steaming
  • Cloth for steaming
  • Rubber spatula


  1. Wash and de-stem strawberries
  2. Shape anko into 6 balls of roughly 25g each20130803_220825
  3. Spread anko around strawberries until it is covered and leave them in a dish wrapped with plastic film. [Make sure strawberries are dry]
  4. Dust baking paper on baking tray with katakuri starch
  5. Add mochiko to non-stick bowl with the sugar and stir well
  6. Gradually add water and mix. Add any extra to have a smooth consistency.
  7. Turn on the fire and bathe the non-stick bowl resting on a stand that does not touch the base inside the metal pot.20130803_214252
  8. Place the dish cloth over the pot followed by the lid and cook with high temperature for 15 min when it begins to boil.
  9. Take the non-stick bowl out and stir contents with a wet rubber spatula.
  10. Place the mochi (contents in the non-stick bowl) onto the baking paper with katakuri starch and dust more starch over it. 
  11. Split mochi into 6 pieces remembering to add more starch to prevent stickiness. It gets real messy! 
  12. Make the Ichigo Daifuku one at a time. Flatten the mochi, dust off starch, place anko ball in, warp it, pinch the top to close the gap, apply starch to prevent stickiness. Work quick! 




Note: All photos were taken by me.


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