Finally back at home!

It’s been a while since I last posted! The trip to Ghana was absolutely fantastic. I was part of the LSE Water Brigade (even though I’m actually from UCL) and we were planted at a small community called Srafa Aboano. Our main goal was to build a rainwater harvester for a family. The photo below is one of the completed rainwater harvesters.


Ghana has a rainy and dry season. During the dry seasons, they cannot attain rainwater therefore they use the water from a nearby river that is full of bacteria and contains animal feces. Nasty. So we hope that this rainwater harvester will be used wisely, and we have also given them a filtration system called a ‘lifestraw’ for the families to use. Rainwater is passed through the ‘lifestraw’ and thus the family can use it for drinking.

The kids were really cute:


I really miss them a lot! It was tough work. We had to mix cement and make plaster, form the wire mesh etc. However the final product was most satisfying for both us and the family! We also went into their local school and taught the kids about water safety and which sources are suitable for whatever use.

Now I’m back in Hong Kong! What a strange feeling….

Ghana, being a Christian country (60% in fact) was definitely every encouraging.


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