The DEFINING Decade – Your 30s aren’t the new 20s


Time mag

Updated 5:04 P.M., 6/26/13.

Below is a TED Talk by Meg Jay. It’s worth 15 minutes. Watch please. In the proverbial words of TED, whoever he is, there are definitely some ideas here worth spreading. And worth gospelizing about too (that’s not TED who said the gospelizing part, that’s me).

The paralysis of extended adulthood that so many 20-somethings experience is just another symptom of the raging sense of “me” that captains the ship of our highly individualized society. But choosing to neglect your 20s isn’t “cool” or “science” or “in” or “right” or some sort of “natural evolution toward prolonged adolescence.” I believe it’s a ploy. A ploy to put off the question of purpose just a little bit longer. Who wants to be responsible for someone else’s life, or even your own, if you don’t have to?

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