Where Am I Heading?

I am a first year architecture student studying in UK. Only recently I handed in my final portfolio without much stress. The typical architecture student may think: Wow! How is that even possible?! Since time is just never enough! In reality, I feel that I may need to repeat the year. In our course, we have five design projects. Out of the five, I feel that three of them I can pass. However, I might not be able to even just pass the last two. If that is the case, I have the option of re-submitting in September, but I will only be graded 40%. The final project is based on the building aspect, therefore I do enjoy it. I slacked in the first term and barely did anything over the Christmas holidays, which I realised soon after that I had to slave day and night in order to catch up on everything. The best design project I enjoyed the most was the building project, therefore if I fail I want to do it properly. I think that repeating the year (which means only having to do this project) presents a great opportunity to train my creativity and on top of that work and perhaps apply for volunteering in church. All I need to do is put my trust in God, so most definitely I will make use of my time. So either way if I redo the year or if I am able to move on to the next year, I will take it positively and may the Holy Spirit guide me.


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