Earlier this evening, I planned to leave my school hall at 8:30pm for the gym. I invited two of my friends and they agreed to come. We left at around 8:45pm but before we crossed the first traffic light, one of my friends needed to withdraw money from the ATM. The other friend and I stood a few metres away and chatted for a bit. No sooner, a man came up to us and asked us where a nearby tube station was. We pointed down the road and said it was in that direction. The man asked repeatedly Are you sure? Are you sure? and did not make eye contact with us every much. We insisted that it was in that direction and then he walked away. 

Later on, my friend who was trying to withdraw money came to us and slowly, she uttered Oh.. My… God… and explained to us that a man tapped her on the shoulder and asked her if the money that was ‘dropped’ onto the ground was hers. She turned around and said it was not. As soon as she turned around the cash was out and she took it. It took her 5 seconds before she realized that her card was meant to come out first and that she did not cover her hands when she entered her pin! Immediately she called the bank to cancel her card. 

Luckily for us, there were two cops that had just drove by and my other friend and I re-described to them the situation. The two cops told us to wait for the local cops to arrive and explain it to them. After they arrived and when we finished explaining, my friend who lost her card panicked because she realized she had used her Mother’s card and not her own… so she rushed back home to cancel it. However after she checked her balance on her card, she realized that 310 pounds had already been taken out! 

This was such an unfortunate event… 

My other friend told me that whoever stole the card deserves to be hit by a car! I know whoever it was did a horrible deed, but I didn’t think he deserved to be punished like that. It’s difficult when you are faced with something like this. Even though I may have harmful intentions as well (although not so extreme), I don’t think seeking revenge is the solution. Whenever there is hate and violence, it can’t be a good thing. 

What makes a man feel the need to steal? Why are men compelled to do evil acts? Is it because of their background that lead them to crime? Or did they just chose this lifestyle even though they could avoid it? I believe the last question is probably the scariest. It reminds me of a movie I watched The Place Beyond the Pines, which contains crime and violence due to a difficult situation. I would definitely like to investigate the idea of sin, evil and suffering of the world. I have read a lot and listened to much talk about it. Ravi Zacharias has good videos on YouTube relating to this. 

I hope to revisit these concepts for I know I have difficulty in structuring my words and argument. I have to pray to the Holy Spirit for wisdom and guidance. 


One thought on “Theft

  1. I think the last question is your answer! There you go. The act of stealing by the said perpetrator(s) is undoubtedly a “choice” taken upon. Whatever the reason behind it is beyond a few words of analysis…

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