On Christ-Centered Contentment

Sometimes we are discontent. Always looking forward to the next best thing, the opportunity for more peace, security, happiness and pleasure. We sometimes get it mixed up … thinking after going through an ordeal, it would be worth it because God would bring us to a better condition. There is some truth in this that at the end of this life, we will no longer be suffering but be bound in eternal joy. However, we will not experience that just yet.

We may see glimpses of it, but not to it’s full measure. So then what is the purpose of suffering and enduring all the things we endure? The answer is at the cross. Jesus came, walked on this earth, formed friendships, suffered (seemingly unnecessarily?!), died all so that when he rose conquering death he would be glorified. God would be glorified.

That is what we must live for. That is what we must be able to say at the end of the day. Not that God has put me through an ordeal to then grant me the things, situations, work, position, life that I want… even if some of it does fall in line with what we want. Rather, whatever God’s path presents, we want to see His name be glorified.

There will be times when it would be obvious to see God’s purposes, to rejoice triumphantly such as when a new believer joins God’s family. There will be times when it would take months, years and even decades before being able to trace God’s ultimate glorification perhaps because of unnecessary prolonged illness. But we know that when God is in the spotlight, our eyes will be fixed on the ultimate source of joy, where love and justice meet.